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An animated website banner can give the visitor pages and pages of important content in under 1 minute. That means your more likely to convert someone into a sales lead.


3D Animator is a Newcastle company. We employ the finest animators and have fresh ideas with a diverse background of engineering, sales, advertising and management. This combination of experience means you will get the best results possible.

We not only cater for 3D animation we also produce great 2D animation.

3D Animator pride themselves on understanding a clients challenge, and building a piece that achieves the desired results. 3D animation is a powerful way to get the message across, but sometimes its the only way. When faced with a difficult challenge to display your product it is a good time to get some advice from 3D Animator. We will first listen and then come up with a strategy to help. Our services include 3D Animation, 2D Animation, 3D Modeling, 3D architectural Rendering, 3D Modeling and 3D Rendering etc. 

3D Animator Gets Results

In today’s fast paced world rarely does someone have time to sit down and look through all of the plans and images of your product, or maybe even the distance required to travel to see your product is too far. There are so many situations where a well-designed piece of 3D Animation would help get a customer over the line. The key is working with an animation company that not only understands how to produce top quality work, but understands your business, your product and your target market. That is where 3D Animator has the edge.

3D Animator Understands Your Business

3D Animator has 10 years’ experience in sales and 5 years’ experience working with business to increase sales and develop marketing strategies to help build their brand and market share. With this knowledge we will make sure your 3D animation converts a potential buyer into a solid inquiry.

3D Animator Understands Your Product

3D Animator has 10 years’ experience in engineering, working in the transport and mining industries. We also have 5 years’ experience in construction. We understand engineering technical terms which mean we can quickly grasp the concept of your products and deliver a 3D animation piece which is more accurate.

3D Animator Understands Your Target Market

3D Animator has 5 years’ experience working with clients to help accurately understand their target market, their needs, their wants and their habits. That means that the 3D animation piece we produce for you will be suited to your target market. That means the person watching will feel connected with your product and understand how it will help them.